Block Paving Process

Doyle & Holmes Limited provide a comprehensive and fully guaranteed block paving service. The process we follow includes a number of quality controls and the workmanship of the installation is subject to continuous testing. The typical process includes the following stages.

Block Paving – Stage One.
Our first task upon arrival on site is to fully excavate the site. This will either be a manual operation or heavy plant and machinery may be used, depending on the size of the task in hand. The site is then dug out to a depth 4-8″ allowing for 4″ concrete and the necessary sub-base. Finally the site is compacted and the shuttering put in place to determine the final shape of the paved area.Block Paving – Stage Two.

At this stage the project really begins to take shape. The wet concrete is delivered from a ready-mix concrete lorry into wheel-barrows or a dumper. It is then laid and levelled ensuring that all future rainwater will fall off leaving no puddles. The surface is then completely smoothed off and a dry colour hardener (base colour) scattered over the top. This colour is then floated in using trowels. The secondary release-agent colour (chalk-based) is then applied. The textured and patterning mats are then stamped in all over the area.(the chalk prevents sticking).The main stage is now over.

Block Paving – Stage Three.
This stage will be done over 1 or 2 days depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Firstly, the crack control joints are cut in to a depth of an inch approximately. The site is then completely pressure washed as are the surroundings. The crack control joints are then filled with mastic. When completely dry the area is sealed, which immediately enhances the look and protects it for years to come.

Our range of installations include:

  • Block Paving for driveways and patios
  • York stone and pre-cast slab paving
  • Granite sett and circular sett paving
  • Perimeter walling and raised bed walling
  • Water features