Hacks For Creating The Impression Of Space In Your Home

Not everybody has the luxury of space in their home, but there’s always ways to create the illusion of space.


If you crave more space in your home or you’re currently decorating and wondering how it’s possible to make more room, then follow these tips.


Lighter Colours

Using lighter colours can create the impression of space in your room, so if you are painting the walls be sure to use white, light grey, yellow, maybe even a shade of beige. You can use this concept on each item you buy for your home too.


Different Shades

As well as using light colours, use different shades of the same colour. So you may wish to add different shades of cream for your curtains, bedding, carpet and feature wall. It’s been proved that this makes the brain perceive that there’s more in a room than there actually is.

Home Accessories

Keep adding to your room with many different products and items making your home seem bigger than its.

  • Add stylish curtains and preferably keep them in-tune with the theme
  • Enjoy some of the stylish or vintage rugs currently on the market and put it under your coffee table
  • Use glass and light furniture, get your coffee table made of glass
  • Make a mirror a feature of the room, as everyone knows that they create a spacious feel

Natural Light

Let natural light in, this is imperative for many reasons. It creates space with nature setting your home off and it’s also important for your mood. So if you have curtains, be sure to open them and don’t block out the sunlight.



Obviously leaving clutter around will make your home seem small and too full. By simply de-cluttering you could improve any room in your humble abode. So find out what a difference you could make by throwing some of the unnecessary items in your room.


Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can make a huge change as they double up as more than just a sofa or table. It could be as simple as a sofa bed for a bedroom, or a coffee table that has drawers. This small difference can make a huge impact, by helping you de-clutter and subsequently creating more space. Find a number of different storage options to help you create a spacious home.


Open Up Your Room

Probably the easiest way to fool yourself into thinking there’s a lot of space. Spread items out and make as much walking space as possible. You need to be able to look in and see some of the floor, not have it covered in furniture and various items.


There it is, creating the illusion of space is simple. Following these tips will modernise your home whilst also making it seem as though you have more room. If you are looking for light coloured paint, mirrors, curtains, accessories, carpet, storage solutions, blinds and more for your home then check out Homebase promotional offers available online and read up on how you could save money online.