Moving Home Checklist

Moving home is known as one of the most stressful things you can do. Ensuring everything is in place is not so simple; use this checklist to remind yourself of fundamental organisation.


Everyone will have different priorities and various things to organise. It’s all dependant on the situation, for instance if you are moving a young family a long distance then you will need to re-school the little ones. Below you will find a generic moving checklist that showcases some of the essential steps and it will be sure to remind you of some vital preparation. Eliminate as much stress as you can before you move by following parts of this guide.


Weeks Out


    • Start Packing- The earlier you start packing the better. Start sorting through, but obviously leave the things you need everyday access too. For toiletries and work clothes, leave them out and at hand. Sort your boxes into order, with each room having separate storage. Also ensure you stack fragile or precious items carefully and label the box.


  • Change Address- Change your address with all major companies and ensure you have redirected your post. This will save you a job when you move in and have to organise things on the other side.
  • DVLA- Again, change your address as this is a legal requirement for your license to be valid.
  • Landline- If you have a home phone number then contact them and inform them of your move.
  • Bank- This is an important one, phone your bank and inform them of your change of address.
  • Doctor- Depending how far you’re moving you may need to relocate your doctors. Find a GP close to you or phone your current doctors to find out if you are still in the correct radius.
  • Pets- Make a few checks on your home. Do you need a new fence or do you need to keep an eye on your dog in the garden? Will you be able to let your cats out free to roam?


A Week Out

  • Gas, Electric & WaterEnsure you confirm the change of address to all these services so you are not billed wrongfully. This is important but it’s worth leaving this until you are just a week out from the big-move.

Days Out


  • Tools- It’s time to start planning practically. You will soon be moving everything into your new home. If you have tasks, decorating and shelves to put up then it’s time to check out our article in order to get everything you could need from tools to decorations.
  • Help- Don’t over extend yourself, get sufficient help from friends and family. Although this is listed as your checklist days out you should have already mentioned this date to them prior to asking again just days before the move.

Van- If you haven’t got a van, then ask those that are coming to help you. If that fails, then it’s time to book your van, you can rent a van fairly cheap these days so get organised and be ready to load it up.